Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi there.........

So yeah. So much for the two posts a week resolution. :P I've been so busy between work and Benny and various other things that I haven't had much of a chance to clean my room let alone post on my blog. (I did clean my room a couple days ago, thus the posting.)

But tonight as I was walking home from choir I was realizing that it wasn't quite dark yet... It was dusky, but there was definitely still daylight. That got me thinking about seasons and the different things they bring. I know that's generic but still, I felt like doing a post about it. :)


It's so interesting to me how in the winter it gets dark at seven o'clock and then in the summer it stays light out till what, nine or ten? In the winter it's hard to imagine that and in the summer it just seems to weird to think about it being dark that early.


Then there's the wonderful things each season brings, specifically smells. Spring just smells so good this year! There's the sweet scent of daphne, cherry blossoms, and lilacs mixed with rain and grass and growing. I'd forgotten how good it smelled.

Summer has a lovely smell too. A warm soft scent made of dirt, new mowed grass and the fresh morning air early on in the morning. 

Summer summer summer

Summer does have some smells that aren't so nice... Mainly melting asphalt but the goods out weigh the bads. :)

Fall is one of my favorites with it's spicy smells of falling leaves, smoke, and the crisp feeling of the air.


Currently I'm still loving the spring smells and looking forward to summer ones! Take some time to stop and smell the flowers. :)

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