Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I guess not... I've got a cold and snow mixed with hail was coming down heavily yesterday. Oh well, it's only the middle of March. Plenty of warm weather ahead.

But mixed in with the nasty weather and cold we had  couple of really beautiful days! Walking down to the transit center was thoroughly enjoyable and there was one glorious day where I didn't even wear a coat!


The last few days it's been switching from rain to snow to hail to sunshine back to rain. I have to say I'm getting a little tired of winter clothes...


But Spring really is beginning to make an appearance in some areas. On my walk to the bus stop there is this  one house that is painted a really bright blue. Right up against it a cherry tree is blossoming and the contrast between the pink of the cherry blossoms and the blue of the house is lovely.

There's a pussy willow right next to the bus stop and one block away there is a carpet of deep purple crocuses. I can feel myself getting all excited inside.

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Daphne, one of my favorite flowers is blooming everywhere. It smells so beautiful...

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  1. I'm looking forward to the warm weather too :D I sure hope there's nice weather for camp this year :) I'm also wondering what it will be like living up here in the mountains with warm weather. I've only had the experience of living here in the cold :P