Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter

I must confess... I only started reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies quite recently.  I think it was only a year or two ago actually...

But, I was thoroughly hooked! The plots are so full and lifelike. Watching the characters grow and change was so interesting.  While, I certainly don't try to claim ultimate fandom, I really do love the story.


Last night I went to my very first midnight showing and it was for the finale of Harry Potter!  :D  It was kinda really amazing.

I got to the theater at 7 after a while of bus troubles.  :P  I missed the first bus and the next one was soooo late.

So Wesley and I both got there at 7 and sat in line to save spots for Benny and Katy.  The line was so long... I've never been in a line that long.  It filled up the whole lobby of the theater and then went outside and down the sidewalk.  And we weren't even at Bridgeport...  That one they closed down the whole street I guess.  There were seven showings at our theater and we went to the 12:15 one. 
Some of the costumes I saw were pretty wild. :D

So... we waited in line for 2-3 hours.  Benny got me a coffee (thank goodness, I would never have survived otherwise. I need my caffeine!" and we ate some dinner later. We got into the theater about 9:30 and sat in there till it started.  

Wesley did shadow puppets on the screen which was pretty hilarious and Benny was bummed that no one had brought a beach ball.  I guess it's some sort of thing that people bring beach balls to midnight showings?  There were some people playing Apples to Apples.  I was wishing we'd brought that...  We watched a couple youtube videos and talked and stuff.  I was kind of thinking I should take a nap but I wasn't tired enough yet.  :P

Then it started :D  I bet Wesley the actual movie probably wouldn't start until 12:45 and I think I was pretty close.  :D  He thought that the trailers would either be nonexistent or end before 12:15.  :P

There was a glitch in the screen during the trailers though so they had to shut everything down and restart it.  Wesley did another shadow puppet on the screen and everyone cheered and clapped.  It was kinda hilarious.  Probably the most cheered shadow puppet dog ever.

The movie itself was pretty epic.  Of course the book was better, but I think this was one of the best movies compared to the books.

I cried. And Benny laughed at me.

By the way, Severus Snape is my hero.  I LOVE HIM!!!

And I cried. When Snape died...  Great sadness and mourning.

So am I the only one who doesn't really like James Potter?  He kind of sounded like a jerk.  And Severus seems so amazing.... In the movie when Harry sees Snape's memory of himself finding Lily dead I cried so hard. :( 

Now I want to go read all of the books again.  There is so much more in them than you can include in a movie!

Anyways...  I once again had a really good day with Benny, Katy, and Wesley.  I love you guys! :D







Yeah....  It was pretty amazing.  Now I want to go read all of the books and watch all of the movies over again...

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