Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fictional Friends

Sometimes between exhaustion, headaches, back aches, and other things I just need some time to recover.
Today was one of those days... 

But usually if I can just get away and not talk to anyone for a while I'll feel better. Fictional characters are some of my best friends during these times. :) Right now I'm revisiting my Ouran friends. :)

It's such a weird show... I know a lot of people wouldn't like it.

I have so favorite book and movie characters... And it's kind of sad that I don't have as much time for them anymore.

But I am meeting some new characters! Benny recently introduced me to Pokemon. Pikachu may just be the most adorable thing in the whole world!

Yeah... I'm kind of loving that show... And the game. Right now I'm playing Pokemon Yellow which means that I got Pikachu to start out and he follows me around. :D