Sunday, July 24, 2011


So normally I can't stand Will Ferrell...  I think he's a hammy actor and super annoying.  But I do love Nicole Kidman and this movie is on the level of Penelope and Speed Racer.  (Two of my favorite movies.)

I've seen this movie three times in the last week now... :P  And it's wonderful!

Funny, lighthearted, sweet, romantic....

Bewitched - The Movie - bewitched-the-movie photo

Endora was fabulous!

Bewitched - The Movie - bewitched-the-movie photo

I love her costume in this part.

Isabel Bigalow - bewitched-the-movie photo

Her clothes were so cute! I want to try doing my hair that way sometime too...

Bewitched is a great romantic comedy which I would highly recommend.  So cute!


  1. It *is* funny. I typically steer clear of anything even remotely close to a remake, but I liked this one.

    I haven't seen Penelope or Speed Racer...I'll need to watch them both sometime. Just another reason Netflix saves my life on a regular basis!

  2. Penelope is *FABULOUS*! I plan on doing a review of it sometime on this blog.

  3. wow they came out with a new one? i've only seen the old Bewitched shows...i'll have to watch this new one now haha. :)