Friday, August 26, 2011

Keep Calm and.... EXTERMINATE!!!

You know all those "Keep Calm and..." posters?  Here's the ones I like. :D

So yeah... August 27th is the day that the first episode of the mid season premiere comes out.  Eeeeeeee! !!!!!!

Just a tad excited.

Are you a Whovian?

^^BEST FRIEND ALERT^^ that’d be the very Whovian that got me into Doctor Who in the first place.

I’m ashamed to admit I’m not organized enough to have compiled everything into one folder. 

Major geeking out going on... Sorry :P

Anyhow... Looking forward to Saturday! I promise to do a real post soon... One last picture to leave you with... 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have been staying at my friend Bethany's house since Sunday so that I could do an online writers conference with her. The Next Generation Writer's Conference.


Most of the articles were things that I had already read somewhere else but it's been interesting to read through the comments of all the other people doing it too.

It's also making me a little nervous...  I just have my one novel.  My one several thousand word long novel that is hardly a third of the way done. That I have been working on for ages. Slightly colorless, drab, and I'm pretty sure boring book.


What I really need to do is to stop continuously rewriting the first couple chapters like I have been. I need to go on and continue all the way to the end no matter how sloppy it is. It's just a first draft after all.....

But how? How do you make your writing colorful and interesting? How do you make it so that the people reading it can identify and empathize with your characters? It's so hard... I'm pretty sure right now my main characters are nothing more than puppets moving along mostly obediently from scene to scene. How do I give them a mind of their own?

I feel like Doctor Frankenstein desperately wanting to say "It's aliiive!"

If only I had an old fashioned typewriter! I would turn out 20 brilliant novels a week if I did! :P
Soo... here we go again. Another try at getting a running start. If I hurl myself against the brick blockade of my writers block enough times I know it will crack.