Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks at a ridiculous hour…

So much for getting a good nights sleep tonight… :P I'm hoping to go Good Friday shopping on Friday, possibly staying up all night Thursday night so I wanted to sleep well tonight. Not working out so well right now.

So… I thought I'd wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

Also, here's my list of things that I'm thankful for.

1. Calms… I took four. Hopefully they'll help me get to sleep.
2. This touchpad which enables me to do this post.
3. My family of course.
4. My fantastic, fantabulous, wonderful friends. Benny, Katy, Daniel, Wes, Nathan, Caleb, Bethany, Beka, Juli, Scott, Suzy-I love you guys!
5. My amazing job!
6. My Church
7. Portland
8. Turkey
9. Coffee :P
10. Christmas music :D

Ok, I'm going to try sleeping again. :P

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gave up...

I sort of gave up. :P

Today I not only watched White Christmas, I also set up my Pandora Christmas stations.

So.... I can spread the cheating here are some pictures. I hope they make you as excited as they made me!













Merry Early Christmas everyone!!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

I can't wait…

Well, I'm kind of really cheating right now… The radio station that's playing in my room right now is the Christmas music station. I'm terrible. You're not supposed to listen to Christmas music till the day after Thanksgiving. Now, just for the record, I myself did not actually turn this on. My sister Fiona did. But I'm still quite guilty because instead of getting up and switching the station I'm sitting here revelling in its beautiful awesomeness…… sigh…

my co-worker mentioned to my today that it felt like this year Christmas seemed to have been rushing in even more than last year. I've been thinking maybe it's because we need it more this year than we did last year. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and starting to notice more things but it seems to me that our country is especially messed up and depressed this year. And December and Christmas is the month with "Peace on earth and good will towards men." How could you not want to rush that along? I mean it is "The most wonderful time of the year…"

I know that I am rather obsessed with Christmas. Every year about this time I start getting this antsy feeling and then the first time I hear a Christmas song or see a Christmas tree, or hear those Salvation Army bells I get so excited it's almost impossible to keep it all inside.

I love Christmas. Absolutely adore it. Every year the morning after Thanksgiving I get the house all cleaned and I unpack all of the decorations. I spend the day wrestling with Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

Needless to say I am super excited for Christmas. Especially since this year I have a job and can actually afford to buy people good presents. :-P

Soon to come… a post packed full of Christmas gorgeousness…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

Daniel from The Anonymous Antagonist was reminding me that I had not done my Ultimate Christmas Wishlist yet, so.... Here goes! (By the way, if I haven't said so already... You should really go visit his blog! It's awesome!)

$100 American Eagle gift card. Is that lame? :P

2012 Calendar

Sense of Wonder Dress

An iheartfink dress

A pretty camera.......

A pretty computer............

A pretty car......................

Clinique :P


And.... that's all I can think of right now. :P

At the moment I'm enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. The first cup of the season. It's SO GOOD!

Now! I am off to go work on my book some more. :)

Shay ♥