Friday, May 27, 2011

Spaghetti and Things

So...  Here I am.  12:30 AM sitting at the dining room table by myself with my hot coffee next to me and Radiohead playing on my headphones.  I am a night owl.

I am very disappointed!  I ordered Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves off of Amazon earlier this week and it was supposed to come today.  Which it did not.  

Oh well...  Hopefully tomorrow.  :)

I am completely in love with Regina Doman's books though.  I own all of the others, have read them about 15 times apiece, and have highlighted and noted all of my favorite parts.  She's the person who inspired my to write my own book.  (Which I have not finished...)

Anyhow...  The reason I started this post is to put up some pictures I took of spaghetti making!  Let's not get sidetracked...

Spaghetti is not my favorite dish, though it is easy to make.  My main problem with it is the canned tomatoes...  Something about canned tomatoes really bother me.  I think it may be the vitamin C, but whenever I have to handle them my fingers get all itchy and my hangnails sting so badly.  I have the same problem with oranges and pineapple.

BUT, I thought it could be interesting to try and take "artistic" pictures of spaghetti making and see how well I could do.  So here you are.

So obviously I have a bit of a ways to go to get my food pictures artistic.  It's a little hard in our badly lit kitchen.  One thing I discovered is that it's very hard to take pictures of things in pots...  They look a little odd.

But it is now quite late and I have been up past 2 every night for the past four nights.  
So, goodnight!!!

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